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Live Updates COVID-19 CASES
  • Ethiopia 494,857
    Confirmed: 494,857
    Active: 14,738
    Recoverd: 472,547
    Death: 7,572
  • Kenya 341,977
    Confirmed: 341,977
    Active: 553
    Recoverd: 335,740
    Death: 5,684
  • Uganda 169,810
    Confirmed: 169,810
    Active: 65,749
    Recoverd: 100,431
    Death: 3,630
  • Rwanda 132,811
    Confirmed: 132,811
    Active: 232
    Recoverd: 131,112
    Death: 1,467
  • Burundi 51,018
    Confirmed: 51,018
    Active: 342
    Recoverd: 50,638
    Death: 38
  • Tanzania 40,806
    Confirmed: 40,806
    Active: 39,961
    Recoverd: ?
    Death: 845
  • South Sudan 18,352
    South Sudan
    Confirmed: 18,352
    Active: 99
    Recoverd: 18,115
    Death: 138

About Utafiti Health

Welcome and thank you for visiting the “Utafiti Health” Research and Development (R&D) advocacy platform.

The “Utafiti Health” digital platform comes as a game changing solution that aims at enhancing impact-oriented exchange of information, documents, actors and ideas among community advocates, Civil Society, Private Operators, policy makers, implementing partners, and the wider community to enhance health R&D related policy reforms.

“Utafiti Health” is a collaborative solution by EAHP and PATH targeting the East Africa Community region to begin with, while it is built with potentials for expansion in the geographic scope, partnerships and content.

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